It’s a Samurai Showdown in Fate/Grand Order’s new story chapter

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Any service game that aims to keep the lights on needs a steady flow of new things to do to survive, but even by those standards English-language Fate/Grand Order players have had a rather busy 2019, with content drops or events occurring almost weekly. Now a big new addition to the main story has just gone live.

Titled Pseudo-Singularity III: The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa ~Seven Duels of the Swordmasters~,  the new chapter is the third of four in FGO’s Epic of Remnant main campaign.  The chapter is set in 17th-century Japan’s Shimousa province, and will feature a plot inspired by the 1960s samurai fantasy novel Makai Tenshou, with FGO’s version of Miyamoto Musashi will star here, in place of the novel’s Yagyu Jubei. 

Naturally, the new additions extend to the playable roster of “Servant” characters, with the latest wave being drawn from Japanese history and folklore. Aside from the new Servants, returning limited-edition characters are also on the banner this month, including Minamoto-no-Raikou, Shuten-douji, and Musashi herself making up

The chapter went live at midnight on October 10, and will be available to any player that’s finished the first main story campaign. Check out a sweet anime commercial for the arc below.

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