Itagaki trash talks Bayonetta because he’s out of his mind

Yes folks, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki is back! The controversial developer has returned to his trash-talking ways, pissing on Bayonetta’s bonfire despite the fact it was one of E3’s best games,

“If I made a similar game as a game I made in the company I quit, people would say, ‘What an idiot, can’t he make anything else?’ Well, that is more or less the opinion I have for, uh, that Bayo-something game,” says Itagaki in a recent interview. “… Covered in hair, is she? I dunno, Mr. Kamiya must have a lot going through his head. Well, in any case, I would first recommend laser eye surgery. I’m sure he’s not that strapped for cash, right?”

Not quite sure what laser eye surgery has to do with anything, but I guess it all makes sense in the leaking brain of Itagaki, who tends to make very little sense at the best of times. Itagaki’s comments could just be a bitter response to Bayonetta‘s creator, Hideki Kamiya, who said he didn’t play Ninja Gaiden because it didn’t have enough power to draw him in. 

On a lighter note, Itagaki won’t be making any more Dead or Alive games, nor will he be using Aerosmith anymore. “I want to send the deepest gratitude to Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. The power I needed to make DOA came from Aerosmith and the movie Armageddon,” he adds.

Jim Sterling