Itagaki throws GamePad under bus for Devil’s Third, talks recent press criticism

GamePad ‘not recommended’

Devil’s Third footage is now out in the wild, and depending on who you ask, it’s either glorious or terrible. For the most part the consensus from press who have played it seems to be that it’s unintentionally bad, but may end up being a cult game somewhere down the line.

Itagaki has taken to Facebook to defend the game a bit, noting the common criticisms like the poor frame rate, claiming that it’s “30 FPS, I promise you can fully enjoy this MASSIVE shooter with 30 FPS.” He also notes that there’s no voice chat feature because they “maxed out bandwidth” for 16 players, and recommends using a Pro Controller over the GamePad, going so far as to note that the “standard tab-controller” (GamePad) has “disadvantages” because Devils Third is a “super speady [sic] game.”

He notes that some media were playing the game wrong, and how you need to use a Pro Controller and USB keyboard to really preview it. Um, interesting — so the default control method is outright being thrown under the bus here? I want to see how this game turns out in the end, and even if I wasn’t reviewing it, I’d be there day one just to join in on the hijinks.

Tomonobu Itagaki [Facebook]

For those who are curious, here is his exact reasoning as to why the GamePad is undesirable:

1. Four face buttons are positioned overcrowding. So you easily press the wrong button. In that case, you will die.

2. Distance of two analog sticks, are too far apart. So it’s quite difficult for u to feel/grasp the battlefield.

3. Devil’s Third is a game you play a long time. The standard Tab-controler is too heavy for such use.

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