Itagaki pledges to release Devil’s Third in the Americas

Those sunglasses hide a will of iron

Devil’s Third has been in development for half as long as some of our readers have been alive, and it shows. The game feels a lot like something that might have been big in 2008, mixing sword-and-gun action with unintentionally funny machismo and knowingly ridiculous non-sequiturs.

Sadly, things may not look quite as promising for Devil’s Third in 2015. The game is planned for release in Japan and Europe this August, but it was a no-show at E3 this year, which has some worried that Nintendo has lost faith in the product’s potential with the American audience. Devil’s Third creator Tomonobu Itagaki sounds undeterred though. stating on Facebook “I will release my Devil’s Third in North/South America. My will.”. Some are taking that to mean that he plans to gain the rights to publish the game in the Americas himself, which would really be something. He’s also shown support for those asking if the game will be a digital-only release, which has others guessing that both Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame V will be sold to international audiences exclusively on the Wii U eShop later this year. 

If Nintendo is worried that Devil’s Third might not sell well, they may want to forego giving the American publishing rights to Itagaki and/or going for an eShop-only release, and should instead consider packaging the game with an exclusive amiibo and some Splatoon crossover content. A bald man covered in tattoos wearing a squid-kid wig may not sound like a conventionally marketable idea, but it worked pretty well for us

Itagaki says Devil’s Third will release in North/South America [Gonintendo]

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