It will require a heat action to open the Yakuza 0 Business Edition

SMASH that box!

I think a little part of me died when I saw John Hardin, Sega’s PR manager, smash the box of Yakuza 0 The Business Edition with a hammer. It was hysterical, but all I could think of was how damaged the game would be. You shouldn’t damage Yakuza 0; the game is fucking incredible!

That being said, this quirky little video shows you exactly what a copy of this “special edition” will come with. It is a bit underwhelming, all things considering, but I do love the business card holder. I’m also a fan of bulkier boxes; it looks like the graphic design department put a lot of effort into this.

For anyone wondering, I have pre-ordered a copy of this. I know Sega gave me the game for review, but I can’t pass up on getting some Yakuza-themed trinkets. I love the series too much to deny myself that.

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