It takes a small army to build a Wii Wheel, just ask Nintendo

To some the Wii Wheel is just the latest in a long line of useless videogame peripherals to hit the Wii, but as far as Nintendo is concerned, it’s serious business. So serious, in fact, that the wheel’s lead designer went on record as saying that the $14.99 plastic shell had over 30 prototypes leading up to the finished product.

Apparently more thought went into this than previously known. So much for thoughts of taking a white piece of plastic, and notching out a place to house the Wiimote. Rumor has it that engineers are involved, words such as comfort, weight, and ergonomics are thrown around, and much care and planning are behind its final form factor before release. Maybe this will help convince Nick (and the rest of you) that we’re all getting a good deal here. Have you priced an engineer’s time lately? They don’t come cheap.

[Via Gamespot]

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