It sure seems like we’re getting a new No More Heroes

No More Heroes 3?

As we get nearer to E3, the teases become more blatant. That’s Suda51’s angle this morning: Tell the people what they want to hear. “Go to E3,” followed by a No More Heroes logo. Simple. Effective.

Why the heck would Suda do this? It seems safe to intuit that there will be, in fact, a No More Heroes reveal at E3. No More Heroes 3? That’s the bombshell that would send the studio audience into a frenzy. Switch ports of the first two games? That’d be very neat. Travis in Smash? Only in dreams.

Something is gonna happen though. Now we play the waiting game. We’ve taken Suda’s advice and are at E3. So, whatever happens, we’ll be here to cover it.

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