It should be easier to nab an SNES Classic

Theoretically, at least

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Today’s announcement of the SNES Classic came attached with the obvious joke of “But no one will be able to get one.” It’s low-hanging fruit admittedly, but it’s also deserved. Even Nintendo acknowledged that the NES Classic’s production resulted in frustratingly short supply.

There should be less frustration this time ’round, at least in theory. Nintendo broadly commented on manufacturing details by saying “We aren’t providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition.”

And now the low-hanging take is “Yeah, almost anything would be ‘significantly more’ than the NES,” and, again, deservedly so. Nintendo reported 1.5 million sales of the NES Classic, which must’ve been the entirety of the production run. We only have to wait three months to see if this increased effort is enough to sate demand.

It won’t matter on day one, however. The lines at retailers will still be bananas. The scalpers will be as opportunistic as ever. The shelves will almost certainly be empty at the end of September 29. But, there’s a realistic likelihood that fewer people will be disappointed by the time the stores close, and that alone is worth getting excited about.

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