It seems like a lot of people want to play Mario’s iOS debut

20 million signups

The “we don’t want to go into the mobile market” publisher Nintendo has made a giant push in the mobile market post Wii U drought, with its partnering with DeNA for Miitomo and now, a fully fledged iOS game in Super Mario Run.

While it might seem like a blip on the radar for some, Tim Cook has informed BuzzFeed Japan that the project already has 20 million signups — meaning, 20 million iOS users have opted to be informed immediately when Mario Run launches in December. So while those are just registered users for pre-ordering a free-to-play game, that’s still very impressive given the mere fact that they have that much awareness and outreach almost two full months before it’s out.

Hopefully it’ll keep folks more engaged than Miitomo did — which was novel for a whole two or three days.

Dr. Serkan Toto [Twitter]

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