It looks like there will be a week-long Halo Wars 2 beta starting on E3 Monday

More ruined E3 surprises!

Another one of Microsoft’s gifts under the E3 tree seems to have been unwrapped a bit early. Creative Assembly’s Halo Wars 2 is getting an open beta that will run from June 13 through June 20. 

The leak comes via Mondo Xbox who grabbed screenshots of the beta on the Xbox One storefront days before it was supposed to go live. Surely, this was supposed to be an “And you can play it right now!” moment for Xbox at its Monday morning E3 press conference. That’s spoiled, but at least real-time strategy and Halo fans can look forward to spending a week with the beta.

Also, it’s good to know that Microsoft plans to dedicate part of its show to Halo Wars 2 because we haven’t heard much about it in the 10 months since its reveal. It’s not forgotten about; it’s just coming in hot.

Brett Makedonski
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