It looks like Resident Evil 7’s VR mode will be a timed PlayStation exclusive

Exclusive to PlayStation VR for 12 months

It appears as if you might not need to buy a PlayStation 4 and PS VR in order to play Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality, provided that you’re willing to wait a little longer.

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently released a promotional image for the upcoming horror game’s virtual reality mode that, in the bottom left-hand corner, mentions that the feature will only be exclusive to the PlayStation VR for 12 months. The promotional image itself was quickly pulled, but not before it was shared to Reddit by user Xx-MCXCVI-xX. You can also view it below.

While this does imply that users of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive may be able to play Resident Evil 7 in VR at a later date, there have been no official confirmations from Capcom on the matter. With that being said, it certainly sounds as if the option is on the table, should the company decide to pursue it.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Lilian C