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It looks like Devil May Cry HD’s PC port has some problems

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Today marked the day that Twitch Prime subscribers got their hands on Devil May Cry HD (the first game, not the whole trilogy) and the results haven’t been great. While there are only limited reports of problems coming from users, the biggest issue happens to be that this new port runs with an uncapped framerate without fixing issues with game logic. Seeing as how the PS2 original ran at 60 FPS, playing it with anything above that will actually increase the game speed (as shown brilliantly in this Twitter post).

Yeah, that is Devil May Cry running at 144 FPS, which is roughly 2.5x the original’s framerate. While that may be funny for playing crappy songs on YouTube, it ends up making the game next to impossible to play. While turning on Vsync could potentially solve the issue (an in-game option doesn’t exist), if you have a monitor with a refresh rate above 60 (like my 240 hz display), then you’re out of luck.

In another odd twist, the PC version doesn’t support resolutions above 1080p. This might seem baffling since other recent Capcom PC ports have featured 4K support, but it becomes doubly confusing because a Capcom official confirmed to ResetEra that Devil May Cry would feature 4K support for PC.

If that wasn’t enough, a forum over on ResetEra has compiled a list of visual and audio bugs that a stream of these new ports (all versions, not just PC) exhibited. I can’t say I’m up on my Devil May Cry knowledge, but things like the Devil Trigger Cerberus not having wings or cutscenes not being in sync seem unintentional.

While these could be isolated issues for select PC users, it seems to be that next week’s release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection won’t be the definitive port that people were hoping for. Hopefully Capcom can get this sorted out with a patch after release, but I’m surprised that a 17 year old game is even having issues like this.

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