It came from 1995: Bug Too! promotional video

Do you remember the Sega Saturn game Bug!? Wait, do you even remember the Sega Saturn?

Gamers that dropped $400 on Sega’s black beast surely came to know the three-dimensional platformer called Bug! for many of the same reasons they came to know Clockwork Knight — there was almost nothing else to play at the time. For the uninformed, imagine an early, chunky 3D Sonic-looking game with a stupid movie/Hollywood theme and cringe-worthy voice overs, and you’ll have the right idea. 

Speaking of cringe-worthy, GameVideos sent us this 1995 “proposal” video for the sequel to Bug!, titled Bug Too!. Apparently, this video was pulled together for a meeting during the first day of the 1995 E3 (remember E3?) to pitch the sequel. 

It seriously looks thrown together. It looks like they took clips from TV’s Entertainment Tonight, added some shoddy voice overs, worked in the only usuable press quote they had, showed some old game footage, and (for some unknown reason) showed a clip of what looks to be a primitive Sonic game. It hits a definite low when ET’s host “interviews” Bug via phone.

[Via and thanks to GameVideos/David Ellis] 

Dale North