It begins…Resident Evil 3 mod adds a creepy Isabelle mask into the mix

Thomas the Tank Engine in 3…2…1

Good old Nexus Mods.

If I ever need a laugh or a mod that adds replay value to an existing game, I can count on that site to deliver. Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle is now a part of a recent horror-tinted shooter, just not the one everyone expected.

No, this isn’t a Doom Eternal mod. Rather, Resident Evil 3 (the remake) now has an Isabelle mask that replaces Jill’s face on PC. Created by Crazy Potato, it’s a simple mod that basically adds something that seems so totally ’90s and early 2000s now: free cameo cosmetics.

While I don’t mind big DLC expansions or incremental content updates, I miss the idea of unlocking a ton of content in an action game for free. Now Resident Evil 3 does have an endgame shop, but not nearly as many costumes as I’d like. While an Isabelle mask is a little creepy for my tastes, it’s there, as are a ton of other PC mods.

Isabelle Mask [Nexus Mods]

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