Isometric horror game Stasis reminds us it still exists

One year later, and I’m still excited to play this

A year after reaching its Kickstarter goal, I’d nearly forgotten all about Stasis. You remember that one, right? It’s a lovely-looking isometric sci-fi/horror point-and-click that drew inspiration from films like Alien and Event Horizon.

Well, just in case you’ve lost track of it like I did, here’s a brief recap:

In Stasis, you’ll take on the role of John Maracheck. You awaken on board the seemingly derelict Groomlake, a repurposed mining vessel in a decaying orbit around the gas giant, Neptune, positioned outside of Earth’s legal jurisdiction.

With time running out and the knowledge that your family is missing, you’ll be tasked with exploring the Groomlake, interacting with the environment, and solving puzzles along the way to unravel the mysteries contained within before she plunges into the planet’s atmosphere.

South African independent gaming studio The Brotherhood has just released this video as well as a few new screenshots demonstrating some of the technical improvements made over the last year. The game’s still looking as sharp as ever. Stasis seems to be hitting all the right notes for me: point-and-click exploration, environmental puzzles, a creepy sci-fi atmosphere on board a dimly lit spacecraft. Good stuff!

The title won’t be available until sometime in Q1 2015, but if you’re interested in trying it out an earlier build for yourself today, the studio still has a playable demo available on its website.

Rob Morrow