Is your product not in a store? If so, then this analyst declares you the winner

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Analysts are two things: Annoying and annoying. The latest guy that people seem to want to pay attention to is this dude, Bill Kreher, from A.G. Edwards. According to Kreher, because the Wii and Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 are impossible to find in 100 random stores, then they are the clear winner. Huh? So actual sales numbers don’t matter? That makes no sense. Words of weird wisdom:

“Our results suggest more of the same: winners continue to be Activision and the Wii,” Kreher stated.

Yeah, OK, sure. Anyway, according to this random survery conducted, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were readily available. Which, by Kreher’s logic, means they are a complete failure. For non-Wii owners, it appears as though the survey also revealed that stores “indicated that they felt availability would be limited through holiday ’07.” Looks like the Wii will be a big winner then!

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