Is this the Persona 4 opening movie?

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I don’t mean to put the pressure on, RPG fans, but Persona 4 is coming. I know you’re still probably grinding away at Persona 3: FES, but Persona 4 hits shelves in Japan this summer. And the rumor is that we’ll see a US release not too long after. We’ll need whatever head start we can get, as they say that P4 is supposed to be 1.5 times longer than P3, and it will contain over 180 Persona.

For now, here’s the opening movie for Persona 4. Despite the craptastic audio, I’m pretty excited by watching this. It gives us some quick glimpses of some of the characters in some iPod commercial-ish shilouettes, and you’ll notice that their spectacles are the only thing highlighted. Could this be another Evoker hint?

Siliconera points out that each characters weapons may be hinted at in this video. Good eye!

Are you ready for more Persona?  Where would Persona be without school uniforms? And what the hell is that zipper bear thing?

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