Is this the first image of Sam & Max running on the Wii?

Although the news broke last week about Sam & Max: Season 1 coming to the Wii, it looks like the first image of the game actually running on Nintendo’s point-and-click friendly console slipped through the cracks. Luckily, our very own Adam Dork picked up the slack and found the above picture on Telltale’s Web site.

While not much is shown, just seeing it being played on the Wii gets me even more excited than I was last week after hearing the big news. It is also nice to see that the game looks pretty good, with a healthy level of polish and crisp, vibrant colors.

I wish I had more for you, but this post was really just an excuse to express my unbridled enthusiasm for this game on the front page. And now I am out of things to say.

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