Is this the box art for the Metroid Prime Trilogy?

If you check out the Nintendo website, you’ll see the placeholder image for the Metroid Prime Trilogy is a simple black box with the logo (and it clearly says “TEMP” in great big letters). Gamefly has something that looks a bit different though: a background design and an orange bar that says “Collector’s Edition” on it. Is this the actual cover of the upcoming game?

Not that it matters, really: the box could be black, it could be the image above, and it could be a pictoral of flying unicorns wearing Dick Nixon masks and we’d still want to buy it. It’s delicious Metroid! And it allows you to play all three games with the Wiimote and nunchuk! By the way, the Nintendo website has some screens too, should you want to see what they look like. The Trilogy edition comes on out August 24th. 

Colette Bennett