Is this footage of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? I don’t know!

Take your cowboy hat off, put your detective hat on

Red Dead Redemption 2, currently a game that is only available on consoles, will probably come to PC some day. Grand Theft Auto V eventually got a PC port, and now Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive make so much money on GTA Online. Red Dead is likely to follow that same trajectory.

But, is this kinda-blurry off-screen footage actually Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? ¡No sé! Who can say? Rockstar, but Rockstar won’t say. So, we’re stuck at this impasse of speculation and rumor — perfect blog fodder for a slow day during a slow month. 

I feel comfortable telling you Red Dead Redemption 2 is eventually coming to PC, even though the original never ended up getting ported. I don’t feel comfortable telling you this video is definitely the real deal. However, I do feel comfortable throwing it out there with a giant “Eh, maybe?” The Internet rules.

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