Is The Bible less suitable for kids than gaming?

While videogames are demonized as a moral cesspool of sex and violence, The Bible is considered to be “the good book,” that must be read by everyone. it is especially popular among the right wing Christian extremists who just hate those filthy, corrupt videogames, but one has to wonder — can a book that references sex and violence more than your average first person shooter really claim to hold a morally higher ground?

Industry vet Bruce Everiss believes not, and has expressed concern that parents would “expose” their children to this “wholesome” publication. He said that the truth about videogames is that most are bland and banal, and would benefit from being more adult. So far, so awesome. In fact, Everiss’ thoughts on the matter are nothing but sound. The long serving marketing exec used the Bible Gateway to search for questionable themes in the book and came to some shocking conclusions:

The King James version has “harlot” in it 48 times, “sodomite” 5 times, “fornicator” 5 times, “smite” 133 times, “kill” 208 times and “maim” 7 times. This is shocking, you have to wonder what any right minded parent is doing exposing their children to this stuff.

So, when can we expect a news report on how pornographic and dangerous the good book is, hm? At least videogames never tell you to live by their teachings. This is a book upon which millions place their entire belief systems and it has more shagging and death in it than Jack the Ripper’s resume’. While I have no problem with people enjoying their Bibles, I think it’s beyond hypocritical for any Christian to vilify games while making their kids read that stuff. I’ve read the Bible, and it’s adult stuff through-and-through. If no child should play GTA, then no child should read The Bible.

But of course, the idea of eradicating either one is just stupid. I really wish certain “good” Christians would realize that, and would stop to consider how offended they’d be if someone tried to pass a “Bible Law” through congress.

Jim Sterling