Is that a Phurba dagger in his pocket or is Nathan Drake just happy to be ‘powered’ by GameStop?

Boner joke!

Along with four separate editions of the game (get it, Uncharted FOUR?), Naughty Dog’s alleged last entry in the series (or in Drake’s story, at least) also has pre-order boners bonuses, including retail-specific ones.

Quote Chris, “DLC is being teased in the form of a ‘Triple Pack,’ including the ‘first-ever single-player story add-on’ for the series, and two multiplayer packs. Essentially, the Digital Deluxe pre-order is the game and a $20 Season Pass — you can even ‘upgrade it’ at a later date. All pre-orders will get a ‘Bonus Pack,’ which consists of outfits, golden weapons, and ‘Naughty Dog Points.’ GameStop, Amazon, and the PlayStation Store all have their own add-ons as well.”

So here’s GameStop’s exclusive taunt. What a time to feel the vibe (whoo!). Of course, Uncharted 2 has a great dagger/boner joke that fits right up A Thief’s End.

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