Is Sony’s customer service being affected by phasing out the 60GB PS3?

It’s not clear at the moment if this is one of those isolated cases of a momentary lapse of stock on Sony’s part, or if this is the beginnings of a greater pattern to come, but at least one person — a European NeoGAF poster — is claiming to be caught in console limbo while he waits for Sony to replace his failed 60GB PS3 which was sent in for repairs.

The story has it that after a month of hearing nothing from Sony regarding the repairs, he became concerned and contacted them for an update. The response on the other end might surprise you:

“Sorry we don’t have any stock of the 60GB left and we don’t know when a shipment will arrive to replace your unit. Call back in two to four weeks for an update”

Surprised by that answer? So are we. Hit up the jump, and get our take on things. 

We have no official confirmation from Sony at this point to either validate or discredit this claim, but it sounds feasible. Now we all know that while the PS3 may have a lower failure rate than the nearest comparable competitor, the Xbox 360, not having enough stock on hand to take care of your current customers is a big no-no.

Is this an inevitability now that the 60GB PS3 has been phased out? Just personal opinion here, but if this story is true, I’m wondering why Sony didn’t go the customer service route, and at least try and scrape together a replacement for him from somewhere. We realize that times are tight (even for Sony), but doesn’t anyone believe in having inventory anymore?

[Via ars technica — Thanks Justin!]