Is reporting the news ‘spoiling a surprise?’ Fun with Pokemon Sun and Moon

Let me explain how the Internet works

So, Pokémon, am I right guys?

If you’ve been on the Internet at all today (I hear it’s pretty great), you’ve probably seen the discussion regarding Pokémon Sun and Moon, the supposedly new pair of games that Nintendo is going to unveil at tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Folks have uncovered a European trademark listing for it, and this tweet from a Game Freak developer hints at something “sun and moon” related.

It seems viable, yet at this point, it’s just a rumor (people have been falling for this hilarious NinlendoAmerica account in the meantime). But what’s really on my mind isn’t a new, inevitable Pokémon entry with a nebulous word choice that describes literally nothing specific about the game. It’s that folks have been calling out outlets for “spoiling the surprise.”

Do you…know how the Internet works?

When you’re browsing an Internet news site, you may come across news. As an independently owned organization, Destructoid doesn’t operate at the discretion of publishers, we’re here for you guys. So if we uncover a bit of news that holds merit, we’re likely going to report on it. At what point does that line blur though, and what responsibility do we have to readers to avoid spoilers? I can definitely understand withholding information in headers that may uncover a major plot point (I’ve altered some at reader’s request before out of respect), but is merely reporting the news a “spoiler” now?

I really want to hear what you think. 

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