Is Overwatch worse off with role queue?

Podtoid 412

After much hullabaloo, Blizzard has finally added a much-requested role queue to its popular shooter Overwatch. As someone who has played the game religiously for well over a year, the move was welcomed with open arms. But now that I’ve actually tested it out, I’m not quite sure it is everything I wanted it to be.

That’s just one of the topics we cover on this episode of Podtoid. On today’s show, Charlotte talks popping zits, Chris is diving back into Seige, Dan is (finally) almost done with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Occams revisits the unusual filmmaking techniques of Godfrey Ho. All that, plus bad Mortal Kombat voice acting, on Podtoid Episode 412.

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CJ Andriessen
Just what the internet needs: yet another white guy writing about video games.