Is Nintendo hinting at a GameCube VC on Switch, or just more remakes?

My money is on the latter

Nintendo has been embracing modern console gaming sensibilities — and that includes season passes, paying for online play, and remakes. The former two are a relatively new development, but Nintendo has been in the remake game for a while, which only helps the case that they’re prepping more projects like that on the Switch.

Speaking to French outlet Melty, Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi confirmed that they are working on something related to a GameCube Virtual Console. Specifically, he said: “We cannot give a concrete answer, because we have nothing to announce at the moment. But there’s something I can tell you: we are working on some things along those lines.”

Now, that doesn’t necessarily confirm that there will be a VC for GameCube, but “some things along those lines” could very well imply cherry-picked re-releases for games like Super Mario Sunshine. Naturally, that means more $50-$60 pricepoints than say, what’s on the Virtual Console. Nintendo needs to make a new category if they do go VC, and we can probably expect it to be pricier than the Nintendo 64 baseline of $9.99.

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