Is multiplayer really that important?

Multiplayer is probably here to stay, but Russell Carroll from Gametunnel is the first I’ve heard to question its importance in gaming today. His writeup, “Why Online Multiplayer isn’t all that Important”, likens playing online to a “lame party” and brings up the “empty feeling of multiplayer” that is heard about every so often. He also touches on how the face-to-face interaction that gaming used to center around is being phased out.

Microsoft’s entire strategy seems built around multiplayer — on both the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista — so much so that it seems odd when a title is released that does not support online play. Sony, while late in the game, has even made attempts to support this new trend, although many gamers have expressed issues with their interpretation. With both of these companies pushing the online features, it’s hard to question the importance of multiplayer in their eyes, but how important is it to the gaming experience?

How important is multiplayer to you? Is the majority of your gaming time spent online, or do you prefer to roll solo? Do you long for that one-on-one feeling from days past? Hit the comments and let us know.

[Via gametunnel and gamesetwatch]

Dale North