Is Mario ready for adulthood? Suda 51 thinks so

Some might say that underneath the wholesome facade, Mario has already been there and done that (eating magic mushrooms for power, anyone?) since his humble beginnings, but that hasn’t stopped Suda 51 from musing about giving the plumber an update of his own. During an interview with Nintendo Official Magazine UK, he expressed interest in making a Mario game for adults:

“Maybe Mario could wear an Italian suit and have a machine gun,” he hypothesized, adding, “But Nintendo probably wouldn’t like that idea.”  

I can only imagine the horrified look on Miyamoto and the rest of Nintendo, if they ever got wind of that jaw-dropper; it would have to be priceless. While I think Suda 51 is fantastic, and his work nothing short of genius, I cringe at the thought of something like this.

Mario is an iconic character who just wasn’t cut out for the gangster life, and I’d wager that somewhere in the mind of Suda resides the creativity for a new IP that would convey his ideas much better — while not tinkering with what’s not broken: Nintendo’s mascot. Not that it would ever have any hope of getting made in the first place, but could you honestly say that you are ready for this?

[Via CVG — Thanks, Adam!]