Is Army of Two: The 40th Day the sequel to EA’s buddy shooter?

Publisher Electronic Arts has already confirmed that it will be announcing a new game from its Montreal studio this coming week. There’s been some speculation as to what the title could be, but there’s little doubt it’s actually a follow-up to last year’s Army of Two. In fact, we’re damned sure of it. 

For one, EA’s “secretly” been planning to announce the supposed sequel for awhile now, from what we hear. But more importantly, the official Army of Two Web site is filled with clues, including this page that has the HTML description “Army to Two. The definitive third person co-op shooter is back.” Yeah that’s right … “Army to Two,” guys.

Now Joystiq has received some details on the game — presumably called Army of Two: The 40th Day — from an anonymous source. The game is set to take place in Shanghai, and brings the original title’s buddies-for-life Rios and Salem back for more cooperative fun. The sources also says the game will feature a deeper weapons customization system, multiple endings, and “moral decisions.” There also may be a zoo level, perhaps where Rios and Salem hold hands and feed the lions together. 

Assuming that Army of Two: The 40th Day is a real thing, is this something you’re interested in?

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