Is anyone else not playing Destiny right now?

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The Tokyo Game Show is almost here. We’re on the cusp of cool gaming news, and lots of it, but until then the week is off to a slow start. Well, aside from Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft maker Mojang and the hundreds of ensuing articles on sites many of us frequent.

Today seems super slow to me, even for a Monday. A large part of that is also due to the fact that millions of people are digging into Destiny, and I’m not one of them. I saw enough footage, heard enough opinions from critics and readers alike, that I’m not in a hurry to play “the most pre-ordered new IP in video game history.” I want to see where it goes from here first.

Still, not participating in the launch of a long-awaited, oft-talked-about game like this makes me feel left out, for some silly reason, even knowing I’d likely be feeling buyer’s remorse right about now had I gotten into Destiny on day one. Media consumption just isn’t as enjoyable when you are off in your own little world, unwilling or unable to speak about a shared interest with others. It’s why I was attracted to this job nearly eight years ago and have stuck with it.

So instead of talking about Bungie’s latest like my peers, I’m over here playing Super Mario World for the, oh, I don’t know — 30th time? 40th? It’s the first time I’ll have cleared it on Wii U, at any rate. The first time I’ll have felt a sense of connectedness while playing since I was a kid.

Looking through the Miiverse feed now, I see that someone is stuck in the dreaded Forest of Illusion, unable to find a secret level exit to escape the looping area. That a guy named Luis doesn’t know how to reach Soda Lake using the jump-off-Yoshi trick. Heck, there are even multiple posts dedicated to the joys of Balloon Mario or, as one poster calls him, “fat Mario.”

What a treat this is, being able to play a decades-old game “alongside” others. To that end, what are you into right now (even if it is Destiny)? Let’s chat about it.

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