Iron-Man of Gaming tournament: 100% Halo free!

The Cyberathlete Professional League is hosting a new gaming tournament that will hopefully show that video games aren’t all first-person shooters, and that a real gamer should be skillful at all genres.

The Iron-Man of Gaming tournament attempts to judge players on their skills over several genres of games from yesterday and today. This event, presented by and Video Gamers League (a console-only group that holds tournaments at CPL events), will take place on August 30th through September 2nd, during the Summer 2007 CPL Championships in Dallas, Texas.

Players will tackle and be awarded points equally over six games, with half of them being ‘classic’ titles. The player with the most points after all six games will be awarded $1,000 as well as the Iron-Man championship belt. The entire tournament will be played on the Xbox 360.

Hit the jump to see the tournament games and more.

Iron-Man tournament titles: 

Sonic the Hedgehog
Pac-Man Championship Edition
Halo 2
Madden 2008
Dead or Alive 4
Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition

It’s nice to hear that event organizers are attempting to break away from the Halo tournaments and do something different. Though they say that this event “tests a player’s skills across all eras and all genres”, some might say that they are missing puzzle games and shoot ’em ups, but this is definitely a great start. If you’re going to be in Dallas, Texas during Labor Day weekend, head here to register for a free pass to the 2007 CPL Championships and take your shot at the title.

Dale North