Iron Man demo coming to Xbox Live tomorrow and some time soon for PSN

Will the Iron Man game be as badass as the movie is looking out to be or is it going to end up as a very generic shooting game? The demo that’s coming out on Xbox Live tomorrow should help us figure that all out. I’m really hoping this game turns out to be good. I’ve never been an Iron Man fan before, but the movie has pretty much won me over.

The trailer actually recycles previous footage we’ve seen before for the most part. It’s more informative now at least. The demo level we’ll be getting is also this level they’ve shown off a few times already. You’re in a desert location destroying weapon emplacements and body slamming terrorists. Pew pew pew!

I’m looking forward to downloading this tomorrow through Live. Playstation 3 owners will have to wait a little though. Don’t worry, it’ll be out soonish. So who’s going to be checking out the demo? 

Hamza Aziz