Iron Man 2 movie not even being filmed yet, Sega already making a game

Due to the astounding success of Paramount’s Iron Man film, there will be a sequel. We knew this. We could have guessed this next part — Sega are already in production of the tie-in videogame for Iron Man 2. 

While the movie has yet to start filming, Sega Studios San Francisco are already hard at work on the game, which is slated for a 2010 release. It’s early, so we have no real info on the game other than this blurb from their press release: “players can expect an entirely new and enhanced gameplay experience.”

Well, I hope so. The first Iron Man game Sega wasn’t all that great so there’s plenty to enhance. Anyone think they can nail it on the second try?

[Photo: Akihabara News]

Nick Chester