Iron Chef: Supreme Cuisine to feature Batali, Morimoto [update]

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If you’ve ever watched the Food Network adaptation of the Japanese cooking show Iron Chef, you know who the real star is: Alton Brown. His witty commentary and slight mispronunciations of every Japanese term make for great Iron Chef America great. But this isn’t about Alton. Sorry.

This is about chefs Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto and their appearance in the Wii and DS games Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine. Both of their voices and likenesses will be dropped into this virtual Kitchen Stadium for you to either battle as or against.

“I’m delighted to be involved with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine,” said Batali. “My videgame counterpart is as passionate and competitive in the virtual Kitchen Stadium as I am in real life, and I think the participation of Chef Morimoto and I adds a great level of authenticity to the game.”

Adds Morimoto: “Having been an Iron Chef in both Japan and America, I am pleased to partake in another exciting frontier – videogames! Hopefully Iron Chef: Supreme Cuisine can inspire a new generation of great chefs.”

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine will release this fall.

Speaking of Morimoto, don’t you hate how they subtitle his speaking? He’s speaking English, you know!

[Update: We were hit with the Morimoto/Batali press release early this morning. This afternoon they hit us with another, announcing Alton Brown and Cat Cora. Don’t tell me they’re going to wait and add Bobby Flay later on, too.]

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