IRL Team Need for Speed racing collective created

The name Need for Speed goes beyond videogame racing into the real world. EA teamed up with top drivers to create Team Need for Speed, a collective of the top guys in all aspects of racing. This is an entertainment program that brings the top street, drift, GT and other racing fields into events, films, competitions and more. So far, here are the announced members: Vaughn Gittin Jr. (Drift/USA), Matt Powers (Drift/USA), Edward Sandström (GT Racing/Europe), Patrick Söderlund (GT Racing/Europe) and Mad Mike Whiddett (Drift/USA, New Zealand, Japan).

EA says that more members will be announced soon.

Keith Munro, VP of Marketing for EA said, “Team Need for Speed launches an aggressive initiative designed to bring the core brand values of Need for Speed into the real world. By partnering with these tastemakers and by creating these specific programs, Need for Speed goes beyond the game into the real world of automotive lifestyle culture.”


Dale North