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Irkalla Complex action figure location Destiny 2 – They’re Not Dolls Triumph

The first of two available figures

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In Destiny 2: Lightfall there are multiple collectible action figures available that resemble Cloud Striders. Much like the lucent moths in The Witch Queen expansion, these are time-gated and in the first week of the season, there are only two available to collect. Collecting all of these action figures will complete the They’re Not Dolls triumph.

To find the room with the figures’ location clues, first, jump down from Nimbus’ station at the top of Neomuna or Strider’s Gate and head right to a yellow building with a palm tree on either side of the entrance. Head inside this building and you’ll see some markers with clues. The first clue reads, “Irkalla Complex. Atop the towering rampart, three stalwart defenders stand watch. From muzzle to target, ready, aim, fire.”

Irkalla Complex

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The action figure located at Irkalla Complex is particularly tricky as it requires Guardians to solve a riddle of sorts. Irkalla Complex can only be accessed after completing the Lightfall campaign, so ensure this is done before attempting to head off and pick this action figure up. Irkalla Complex is located deep within Zephyr Concourse. Head there initially from Strider’s Gate before turning right and entering a building that leads to the ESI Terminal. Continue ahead until you reach it and keep left, following the path. You’ll soon get a message that you’ve entered the Irkalla Complex. Jump across a few balconies and you’ll find an orange portal. Enter it.

There are some Shadow Legion forces to defeat but you’ll then reach a broken wall. Head through that and then traverse upwards onto the walls above it. There’s a helpful walkway with some vents on it. If you’re in the right place now, you’ll see three cannons. Some may be on fire, do not panic. This is fine.

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Climb atop any of the canons and aim your weapon in the direction the cannon is facing. Soon, a small black crux will appear in the distance. Shoot it until it disappears and repeat this process for the remaining two cannons. Don’t worry if the crux disappears before you shoot it, just jump off the cannon and back on and it will respawn. If you’ve completed this successfully, the action figure will appear at your feet. Head back to the room where you found the clue and place the action figure in its spot. This should award one step of the They’re Not Dolls Triumph.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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