Irem Collection Volume 1 kicks off a anthology of classic shmups

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ININ Games, in association with Irem and Tozai Games, has announced Irem Collection Volume 1, a compilation of classic shmups from the old-school arcade developer. Currently in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, the release will include some titles which are receiving their first-ever official localization.

irem collection volume 1 physical edition

Irem Collection Volume 1 — the first of what is set to be a five-volume set — will feature three titles in total. They are Image Fight (1988), Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker (1992), and the iconic bio-blaster XMultiply (1992). These three vertically scrolling shmups were all smash hits during the renaissance of the arcade scene, and were among the tidal wave of titles that helped to keep the genre alive as gaming headed into the 1990s.

In addition to the digital release, ININ Games will release a physical edition of Irem Collection Volume 1, (and, presumably, its following four volumes). This set, available for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, includes a hard copy of the game, a visual compendium, replica arcade flyers, a double-disc CD soundtrack, replica boxes for Image Fight and Image Fight 2‘s home releases, as well as some cool, A2 sized posters for all three titles. A price or release date was not announced for this edition.

Irem Collection Volume 1 is currently in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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