Iran joins the ESRB … what else can you really add to that?

In a bit of weird news, The Tehran Times is reporting that Iran, of all places, has joined the Entertainment Software Rating Board. You read that right — Iran is mucking in with the ESRB.

Behruz Minaii, managing director of the National Foundation for Computer Games made the announcement, sharing his view that this will only improve the Iranian industry. “This plan will help families get better ideas about selecting games for their children and can set a good example for cinematic and television productions,” he said. “It also helps support our domestic producers and gives better assistance to the distributors.”

Iran’s always had a bit of a reputation for being arseholes, and I’m sure the violent homophobia has nothing to do with it, but I’m noticing several attempts to reach out to the West. In the UK, the traditional Christmas speech from the Queen was replaced on one channel by a speech from the Iranian president. He said that the reason there are so many problems in the world is because world leaders turned away from religion … now that’s an ironic statement if ever I heard one. Or should I say, Iranic?

No seriously, I think the ESRB and Iran deserve each other.

Jim Sterling