iPod + Doom + NES Controller = Frankenmod

Remember how disturbed you were when you saw ears growin’ off the backs of freakish deathmutant mice? The sensation of bearing witness to such an unnatural creation — a strange, sickly curiousity oscillating in the pit of your gut — is not unlike what you might feel watching the above video, in which a man plays Doom on his iPod mounted snugly inside an NES controller.

Intrepid modder f00 f00 put together this little video demonstrating his creation, complete with the vaguely erotic interfacing of the iPod and modified NES controller, gutted and reconfigured to fit the dock connector. 

Seeing three completely disparate technologies spread decades apart, interacting in such a way and creating a rather intuitive and fluid gameplay experience is simply rad. Modders who spend presumably hours upon hours forging these sorts of creations seem a special breed of geek; those who would sooner build a combination dishwasher/flamethrower than venture beyond their front door. Heroes, every last one of ’em!

[Via Engadget – thanks to Ted for the tip.] 

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