iPhone’s Rolando platformer

I had never heard of Rolando until this morning, but after seeing the above game play trailer, I’m definitely interested. 

Rolando appears to be physics-based platformer with tilt action. It kind of resembles Sony’s LocoRoco, but the game play appears more straightforward and puzzle-like. It uses the iPhone’s tilt and multi-touch controls in a pretty creative way, and the official Web page says it contains 36 levels in all.

Rolandoland is in peril and the Rolandos need your help! Use innovative tilt, tap and Multi-Touch controls to guide the Rolandos through four visually-distinct worlds and 36 engaging levels. Solve physics puzzles, toy with the interactive environments and evade pesky enemies as you lead the Rolandos to victory.

This looks like a pretty great little pocket platformer. The title should be released some time this holiday season. We look forward to getting our hands on it.

Dale North