iPhone users can now check out Myst FREE

If you’re a fan of the old point and click adventure game Myst and you like to replay such games for nostalgia every once in a while, you may already be aware that several portable versions already exist. The DS version is pretty terrible when it comes to reading anything like text, but the iPhone version is actually really excellent. Of course, you may not know that because you may be hesitant to download something you already own a PC version of.

Luckily, you can check the game out for free on the iPhone now thanks to MystFREE, the lite version of the game. Joystiq reports that the demo allows you to explore all of Myst Island, but if you want to venture into another age you’ll be prompted to pay for the full download. Neato! Sounds like a cool way to try it out. Give it a shot if you want to see how this old classic translated to the iPhone.

Colette Bennett