iPhone app lets you scan any game barcode for info

Back before I wrote about videogames for a living, I’d go to stores and read box backs to see what I might have missed from reading magazines and the like. I’d make a list, go home, and then research the games to narrow down what I might want to spend my hard earned money on. I was the guy to ask about new games back in the day.

My life would have been easier then if I:

1) Had an iPhone

2) Had this new app called Cedemo.

Yes, Cedemo is a stupid name, but what it does is really cool. It lets you scan the barcode of any videogame to get game info, screens, ratings and video on it. Named after a game marketing company in Europe, this app is free for not only iOS devices like your iPhone and iPod Touch, but also Android devices equipped with a camera. The app will let you pull up games dating all the way back to the year 2000, and even search for titles you don’t have the barcode for.

Aside from the barcode scanning there’s also a top ten list of games that will be regularly updated. If you’re bored, you can shake your device and have a random game trailer pop up. Not bad for free!

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