iPhone 4G rumors hint at HD screen and multitasking

Just what we need, another f*cking handheld device. Fresh rumors have risen from the Wall Street Journal, claiming that Apple is about to release a brand new customer-bleeder, the iPhone 4G. According to the gossip hounds, this 4G edition will feature a few incremental updates and be out this Summer. 

According to the report, the 4G will feature a new brand of wireless network called CDMA, potentially ending AT&T’s stranglehold on the iPhone and placing it in the hands of Verizon instead. Further rumors include a 940×640 HD screen, with the new system potentially earning the name iPhone HD. 

A processor similar to the iPad, a front-facing camera and the ability to multitask are all included in the bag of things that might be true. If all of that stuff is what you’ve wanted from your iPhone, then bully for you. 

We’ve all learned by now that there’s no smoke without fire when it comes to Apple rumors. While no confirmation is yet forthcoming, I’d say an announcement that tastes a little like this has a better chance of happening than not happening. With that in mind, what would you make of an iPhone HD?

iPhone 4G rumours arrive: HD screen, multi-tasking, front-facing camera [Pocket Gamer]

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