iPad to get updated Square Enix games

I was wondering when this was going to happen. I like the new Chaos Rings, and I also like a lot of the other iPhone Square Enix games like Sliding Heroes, Hills and Rivers Remain, and the first two Final Fantasy games. But none of them look that hot all stretched out on the iPad.

No more stretchy face. Well, for some of the games. It seems that Square Enix is working on ports for the iPad now. Crystal Defenders and Chaos Rings are on the list to be scaled up. The silly photogallery non-game Final Fantasy XIII – Larger-than-Life Gallery app is already available for the iPad.

And if you missed it, a chocobo catching game called Chocobo Panic (seen above) is now available for the iPad. That sounds pretty awesome, but probably isn’t.

Square Enix Preparing iPad Versions Of iPhone Games [Siliconera]

Dale North