iPad 2 rumors clearing up: Thinner, lighter, front camera

We knew there would be an iPad 2 as soon as the first one came out. Ever since then we’ve heard countless rumors on what the feature set would be. Clearing some of the confusion is an article from the Wall Street Journal. In it we get some solid details on what to expect from this second generation Apple tablet.

WSJ says that the iPad 2 (or whatever Apple will call it) thinner, lighter and will have a front-facing camera for Facetime chatting and the like. There’s faster processing hardware inside as well as more memory, though exact numbers were not given by WSJ’s source. The rumors of a higher resolution screen were shot down by this source; it seems that the iPad 2 will have a screen that is very similar to its predecessor.

This new Apple tablet has to be coming soon as the source says it’s currently in production in foreign plants.

Any guesses as to how much the iPad 2 will be? The Supreme Robot here has generated a guess that it will be the same as the iPad, with older models to be discounted $100 or so. 

Apple iPad 2 in production: Thinner, lighter, with front-facing camera, report says [LA Times]

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