iOS 16 is adding Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controller support

iOS Switch

They’ll show up as named devices

An iOS Switch update is on the way, with the intent of adding full Switch Pro Controller and Switch Joy-Con support to all applicable iOS devices. Note that this is for iOS 16, which is currently being tested by developers (and intrepid folks who simply sign up for it); and is scheduled to arrive in the fall of this year. In case you’re keeping track, iOS now supports PS5 DualSense, Xbox Series X, and Joy-Con controllers once this update is pushed.

The news broke by way of Riley Testut, an iOS developer, who noted that the Switch Pro Controller and single J0y-Con will work natively in iOS: showing up in the Bluetooth section as the properly named devices. Interestingly, pairing both the left (L) and right (R) Joy-Con will also allow the devices to work in tandem as a single device. As Testut points out, you can use a simple command (hold screenshot + home) to swap between single Joy-Con and multi-Joy-Con modes at will. When pairing, just make sure you hold the pairing button on each Joy-Con.

It really is a comprehensive iOS Switch facelift, as you can technically play a ton of games that are found on the Switch eShop and also on iOS with the same control method. Options!

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