iOS 13 is out, here’s how to pair your Xbox One or PS4 controller to your iOS device

‘It just works!’

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So iOS 13 is finally out, and Apple is doubling down on gaming. Apple Arcade is in full swing with a ton of games, and you can now use your Xbox One and PS4 remotes on your iOS devices. Yes!

Here’s how to set that up (not that it’s hard, but there are a few provisos you should probably know about).

  • iOS 13 rolled out internationally to all devices a little after 10AM PT today. Head to your software update section of your settings->general menu, then update (it took me around 30 minutes total).
  • Once it’s fully installed the initial setup should take only a few minutes if you skip the features and do them later. Afterward, head to the settings->Bluetooth menu.
  • Grab an Xbox One remote or PS4 DualShock 4 controller. Let’s handle the former first. Turn it on, then hit the sync button. The remote should show up in your Bluetooth portion at the very bottom: just tap it. You’re good! Note that you’ll need a remote from the Xbox One S era (model 1708) on, as those support Bluetooth.
  • For the DualShock 4 you’ll need to hold the share button and the PlayStation button (the logo in the middle of the controller), watch for the blinking lights, then repeat the above process.

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