Ion Maiden will be getting a physical release and console ports

Total bombshell

Voidpoint’s upcoming Ion Maiden is a total blast, as evidenced by our three different previews for it. While it sadly won’t be making a 2018 release, there is some really good news for fans of physical media. Co-publisher 3D Realms has partnered with 1C Entertainment to create a boxed copy of Ion Maiden. Along with that, the retro-inspired shooter will be hitting every major console at the same time as the PC release.

1C Entertainment CEO Nikolay Baryshnikov said, “I was always a fan of the old-school classic FPS titles Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Max Payne, and Shadow Warrior, so I am super thrilled to partner with a legendary studio such as 3D Realms. As a global publisher, our goal is to bring top-quality titles to all the gamers around the world, and our cooperation with 3D Realms is a great addition to our portfolio. For me personally, it’s a kid’s dream come true.”

Ion Maiden is now targeting a Q2 2019 window. You can check out a new trailer to get psyched.

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