IO expects Kane & Lynch 2 review scores to be ‘better’

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If any studio knows about reviews scores, it’s IO Interactive. After all, one of Kane & Lynch‘s scores caused a particular writer to get fired from a particular outlet. Incident aside, Kane & Lynch was given a firm critical mauling by the game press, something that IO believes won’t happen with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

“I expect reviews [of the sequel] to be a lot better,” says director Karsten Lund. “I hope it’s going to be better, at least. That’s what we strive for, right? To really give people that experience they should have had with the first game.

“I think the first game did a lot of things right. We’re trying to enhance those as well. So I do expect higher scores.”

I hope so. Kane & Lynch was bristling with good ideas, but the shoddy gameplay let it right down. It looks like IO has been given much more time in order to craft a sequel that holds up both in the story and combat department, and if they can make a less buggy, more tight experience, those review scores will indeed be deservedly high. 

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