inXile Entertainment launches Kickstarter for The Bard’s Tale IV

Going for the hat trick

Just when you thought Kickstarter had plateaued, there comes another campaign set to reignite the fire for crowdfunded game development. After the successes of other titles such as Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained from different developers last month, it’s clear that enthusiasm hasn’t died down one bit. And now, the folks at inXile Entertainment have returned to the Kickstarter game to seek funding for their return to another classic role-playing title. This time, they’re coming back to one of the most enduring and loved RPG titles of the 1980s, The Bard’s Tale.

Following the successes of Wasteland 2 and Torment, inXile plans to revitalize The Bard’s Tale in the same way as its previous work. Originally released in 1985, The Bard’s Tale centered around the adventures of a band of heroes exploring dungeons as they seek gold and glory. As the title suggests, their story is told from the songs of a bard who recounts triumphs while strumming a lute. It blended traditional role-playing gameplay with humor, and it also featured a unique take on traditional RPG storytelling.

Though technically this is the fifth Bard’s Tale title, the last one being an action-RPG title developed for all consoles and PC back in 2004, this installment of The Bard’s Tale seeks to be a truer sequel and an evolution of the original PC titles. And with a $1.25 million funding goal, they are certainly aiming high for this one.

But to grease the wheels a bit on whether to back it or not, the guys at inXile are doing a first-day backing special. If you choose to back the game within the first 24 hours (from any pledge), you’ll receive a free copy of one title of your choosing, including Wasteland 2, The Witcher, or The Witcher 2. Again, this is only good for today, so you’ll have to act fast.

Although The Bard’s Tale was a bit before my time, I’m interested in seeing how it develops. inXile has got a pretty good track record when it comes to Kickstarter, and even in its first few hours it’s already approaching the $500K mark. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

The Bard’s Tale IV [Kickstarter]

Alessandro Fillari